Monday, August 23, 2010


As the nation continues to be stuck in an economic funk, the morons are still stuck on the trivial. Once again, we hear that many Americans believe the President is a Muslim. First of all, these are the same folks that jumped on the President for belonging to Reverend Jeremiah Wright's congregation. Leaders in the Christian faiths are typically referred to as Reverend (Muslim's follow Imam's). So, how can they blast him for his Christian leader and then call him a Muslim? Easy. It's called the Conservative extremist agenda - tell enough lies and people will believe enough to stir up controversy. This follows the wisdom of the old saying, "throw enough shit at a wall and some of it will stick."

My question is, "Why are we focusing on this?" Let it go Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and President Obama and continue working on getting this country back to where it needs to be. Perhaps at some point Boehner, McConnell, McCain and company will jump on the wagon and America will reestablish its prominence in the world. At every turn, the party that vows to fight a war on terrorism continues to play into the hands of terrorists by dividing Americans. Somewhere, in a cave, Osama bin Laden is laughing.

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