Monday, August 16, 2010


It seems that those who don't - or who never have - lived in New York City (yes, Sarah and Newt, I do mean you) seem to think that they speak for the city when it comes to the Mosque being built several blocks from the site of the 9/11 attacks. Sorry, Sarah, contrary to what you're ill informed daughter Bristol thinks, you do not stand for or represent America. Worry about your son who you seem to be neglecting as you parade around the country stirring up divisiveness. And Newt, if you truly are a catholic, it's time to forgive and love your brother. At a time when so much needs to be done in America, how can you fools devote so much attention to such a trivial event. It can only lead one to believe that you can offer no solutions to America's greater problems.

Sarah and Newt, do us all a favor and just go away. Oh, and stop attempting to tell us what the American people want. It seems that they have spoken about their feelings for you in the past and the result was nothing to brag about.

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