Wednesday, August 04, 2010


Happy Birthday, Mr. President!

I know its been a tough 17 months in office, but I hope you take the time to take stock of all that you have accomplished. You may not get the opportunity to bask in the glory of those accomplishments while you serve as President, but they will leave a legacy greater than any President in my lifetime.

I have one wish for you on this birthday. I wish that the ridiculous birthers would stop the nonsense of claiming that you were not born in America. Where were these same people when Dick Cheney ran illegally for Vice President? (Cheney had clearly been a longtime resident of Texas, yet he subverted presidential elections rules when he claimed he was a resident of Wyoming. The rules state that the President and Vice President can't come from the same state. George W. Bush was a resident of Texas.) If they were looking for a candidate in 2008 that was foreign born, they only needed to look a John McCain (he was born in Panama, where his dad was stationed).

Best wishes for the coming year Mr. President. Keep working as hard as you can. Some of us appreciate the effort.

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