Monday, August 09, 2010


Lately it seems that whenever I watch a news telecast I here about another "bandit". When did the trend start? Who are the most wanted of this nicknamed thieves? I think the links below will answer those questions and help you to get acquainted with this latest craze of criminal.

1. When it comes to catching crooks, it's all in the name. [CNN]
2. America's most bizarre bandits. [Newsweek]
3. Brazen from start, alleged "Barefoot Bandit" surrendered under hail of bullets. [Vancouver Sun]
4. San Diego's "Geezer Bandit": New version of old story. [Los Angeles Times]

5. Alleged "Barbie Bandits" were strippers, co-worker says. [CNN]
6. Don't shoot, Darth! [New York Post]
7. On naughty list: "Santa Claus Bandit" sentenced. [Seattle Post Intelligencer]
8. FBI releases photos of "Ex-President Bandit". [KABC 7 - Los Angeles]

9. "Grandma Bandit" pleads guilty to two Houston bank robberies. [KHOU 11 - Houston]
10. Parole denied for "Duct Tape Bandit". [WSAZ 3 - Kentucky]
11. Police arrest "Underwear Bandit". [WKRC 12 - Cincinnati]
12. "Breast Implant Bandit" sentenced to 6 months in jail. [KTLA 5 - Los Angeles]

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