Sunday, July 11, 2010


Due to a large volume of content last Sunday, the Sunday Report was not posted. Many of the articles that would have appeared last week have been included in this week's post.

1. Men eat meat, women eat chocolate: How food gets gendered. [Salon]
2. Key diabetes drug study was flawed, review charges. [CNN]
3. Reducing the US carbon footprint, toe by toe. [The Christian Science Monitor]
4. Can a fetus feel pain? U.K. report says no. [Newsweek]

1. The perils of progress. [The New Republic]
2. Grindr iPhone app: GPS for the sex superhighway. [Politics Daily]

1. Let's get rid of Supreme Court confirmation hearings. [Salon]
2. Can Charlotte regain its new south swagger with 2012 Democratic Convention. [Politics Daily]
3. The doctored Economist cover: We all live in a photoshopped age. [Politics Daily]
4. Medvedev and innovation: Can Russia move forward while mired in a corrupt past?. [Politics Daily]
5. Al Gore, Bill Clinton, and questions of character. [Politics Daily]
6. The top 25 conservatives on Twitter. [Politics Daily]
7. Bold move to save Afghanistan: Bring back a king. [The Christian Science Monitor]
8. Chris Matthews: High speed rail in America; Hope we can believe in. [The Huffington Post]
9. Dorm that honors Klansman sparks debate. [The Wall Street Journal]

1. 13 must-hear songs from the first half of 2010. [Phoenix NewTimes]
2. Mel Gibson's explosive racist rant. Listen to it here (Text & Audio). [Radar]
3. 'Avatar' will land again. [Los Angeles Times]
4. Wonder Woman to finally start wearing pants. [The Christian Science Monitor]
5. A magazine back on a roll. [The New York Times]

1. Competitive eating: Bigger than the Olympics? [Salon]
2. The most amazing upside down houses from around the world (Photos). [The Huffington Post]
3. Presbyterian leaders OK gay, lesbian clergy, shelve same-sex marriage proposal. [Kansas City Star]
4. The last of the seltzer men. [The Atlantic]
5. Are cellphones the new cigarettes? [The New York Times]

CARTOONS: The Northeastern Heat Wave & LeBron James

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