Monday, July 12, 2010


Day 84. It appears that the latest attempt to cap the well as actually worked, although 48 hours of testing will be needed to confirm. Here are the latest details...

1. Oil spill stopped? Containment cap briefly appeared to halt oil. [The Huffington Post]
2. Critical Test Near for BP’s New Cap. [The New York Times]
3. BP builds defense in takeover threat. [Telegraph]
4. Methods that have been tried to stop the leaking oil. [The New York Times]
5. Drilling ban reissued. [Politico]

6. The BP Blame Game. [Mother Jones]
7. Senator Mary Landrieu (Democrat-LA) criticizes Obama drilling limits. [Politico]
8. DOJ wants drilling moratorium suit tossed. [Politico]
9. Digging deep after the oil spill. [The Washington Post]
10. BP contractor: ‘What this company is doing to this country right now is just Wrong’. [The Wonk Room]

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