Monday, July 12, 2010


"Now batting for New York, number 15, Thurman Munson ...... number 15."

That's the style that longtime Yankees PA announcer Bob Sheppard used to announce batters at Yankee Stadium. I can still remember that from all of the games we went to see at the old Yankee Stadium and the mid-70s remodeled version. Other than Bobby Murcer and Mel Stottlemyre, he is the only found memory from the the old stadium. Sheppard was also the PA voice for the New York Giants, both at Yankee Stadium and later at Giants Stadium.

I have included 2 YouTube videos in this post so that you can experience the voice. The first video is a 2000 tribute to Sheppard. The second is Sheppard paying tribute to Bobby Kennedy in 1968.

Bob Sheppard passed away last night, but I am sure that he's got a brand new gig. God is most certainly using the wonderful voice in a very new, exciting way: "Now entering the pearly gates..."

Rest in peace, Bob. And thank you for all of the great memories.

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