Friday, July 16, 2010


Typically, we think of earthquakes as natural occurrences that happen on the west coast of the United States. But, the quake that struck Maryland this morning should be a reminder to us that no matter where you live in America, you can be vulnerable (historically, Florida has been an exception).

Here's some coverage of today's seismic event and some US Geological Survey information about earthquakes.

1. 3.6-magnitude earthquake wakes Maryland residents. [Los Angeles Times]
2. Yes, it was an earthquake. [The Baltimore Sun]
3. Local TV video of earthquake story. [WBAL]
4. Earthquake in Maryland: the social media buzz. [The Baltimore Sun]

5. Quake details. [U.S. Geological Survey]
6. Reader feedback on the quake. [The Washington Post]
7. Maryland earthquake history. [U.S. Geological Survey]
8. Flashback: The 2008 Maryland quake. [The Washington Post]

9. Earthquakes In and near the northeastern United States (PDF). [U.S. Geological Survey]
10. Last earthquake by state. [U.S. Geological Survey]
11. Earthquake density maps for the United States. [U.S. Geological Survey]
12. Earthquake animations - past 7 days. [U.S. Geological Survey]

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