Wednesday, July 21, 2010


While the Lockerbie bombing occured over two decades ago, interest in the attack has been ignited recently when it was revealed that BP may have lobbied for the release of the man responsible for the attack in order to get access to Libyan oil leases. Here's a little history on the event and the latest coverage of the scandal.

1. Pan Am Flight 103. [Wikipedia]
2. The Lockerbie case. [Robert Black, Professor Emeritus of Scots Law, University of Edinburgh]
3. Mass murder over Scotland. [American RadioWorks]
4. Lockerbie: Town of unwanted fame. [CNN]

5. Cameron's first U.S. visit overshadowed by Lockerbie bomber outrage. [FOX News]
6. Lockerbie bombing: British officials and U.S. families discuss al-Megrahi release. [ABC News]
7. Questions about BP-Lockerbie link go unasked and unanswered. [CBS News]
8. Cameron: Don't blame BP for Lockerbie bomber release (Text & Video). [BBC News]

9. Obama, British prime minister condemn Lockerbie bomber's release. [Los Angeles Times]
10. Scots play canny game over Lockerbie. [The Wall Street Journal]
11. Senator Robert Menendez (Democrat-NJ) presses ahead with Lockerbie investigation. [The Washington Independent]
12. The loony BP-Lockerbie conspiracy theory. [The Daily Beast]

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