Thursday, July 15, 2010


It's another election year so therefore it boils down to this: IT'S THE ECONOMY, STUPID! And while there are some signs of economic growth, until there is a truly visible sign that jobs are being created, the average American won't actually believe that conditions are improving.

Here's a look at where we stand today. Let's see if we're any better off in a few months.

1. Obama says U.S. economy added private-sector jobs. [The Washington Post]
2. The Early Word: All Economy. [The New York Times]
3. Jeffrey Immelt to Obama: Focus on jobs, economy. [CNN Money]
4. Is the U.S. Economy Destined for Deflation? [Money Morning]

5. Companies pile up cash but remain hesitant to add jobs. [The Washington Post]
6. Economists express more optimism than general public. [The Wall Street Journal]
7. New jobless claims drop sharply last week. [The Hill]
8. Jobless claims: Take the latest drop with a grain of salt. [The Wall Street Journal]

9. In Michigan, an Endorser in Chief. [The New York Times]
10. Is the U.S. battery business for real? [CNN Money]
11. Senate passes sweeping finance overhaul. [The Wall Street Journal]
12. The future of finance: International edition. [The New York Times]

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