Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Today, a judge struck down parts of the controversial immigration law. Clearly, immigration policy is something the Obama administration has to deal with - and soon. However, an issue such as immigration, is clearly a federal issue and not a state issue.

Read the law, the ruling, the reasoning for the ruling and some of the recent events occurring in the state of Arizona...

1. Arizona Senate Bill 1070 (PDF). [Arizona Legislature -]
2. Text of Ruling on SB1070 (PDF). []
3. Judge blocks parts of Arizona immigration law. [Associated Press]
4. Poor wording in bill helped judge reach decision on SB1070. [Arizona Daily Star]

5. Arizona helped deport thousands without new law. [The Washington Times]
6. Most Arizona employers aren't using E-Verify. [The Arizona Republic]
7. Solution to Arizona immigration law troubles: 'Safe passage' home? [The Christian Science Monitor]
8. History will judge us on our compassion - or lack of it. [The Arizona Republic]

9. Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio: I'll jail immigration protesters. [Arizona Daily Star]
10. The Tucson Unified School District won't enforce laws governing immigration. [Arizona Daily Star]
11. Arizona Governor Jan Brewer: Fleeting celebrity or here to stay? [The Atlantic]
12. Elton John's choice words for boycotting musicians. [Arizona Daily Star]

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