Tuesday, July 06, 2010


Michael Steele, chairman of the Republican National Committee, once again found himself in hot water last week with comments he made concerning Afghanistan. And once again, his comments were followed by calls for his resignation. It almost seems like this has become a monthly event. Read about the incident and the aftermath.

1. Justice Department to file lawsuit challenging constitutionality of Arizona immigration law [The Huffington Post]
2. Department of Justice sues Arizona to avoid 'Patchwork' of immigration laws - which already exists. [The Huffington Post]
3. As the Arizona immigration law is challenged by U.S., here's your chance to vote: What's the right course of action? [Chicago Tribune]
4. Advocates for immigrants turn to state legislatures to block Arizona-style law. [The Washington Post]

5. Turning anger on immigration law into votes. [Los Angeles Times]
6. Arizona Senators criticize reported suit against immigration law. [The Hill]
7. Arizona Democrat blasts Obama immigration lawsuit. [USA Today]
8. Arizona Police already feeling pressure from new immigration law. [The Huffington Post]

9. Arizona Sheriff gets death threats over new law. [FOX News]
10. Arizona immigration law is trouble for the GOP [US News & World Report]
11. Mayor Mike Bloomberg's immigration plan worth looking at. [Newark Star Ledger]
12. Humorous tips for living in or visiting Arizona when SB 1070 takes effect. [Tucson Citizen]

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