Saturday, June 26, 2010


Day 68. A tropical storm threatens to enter the Gulf of Mexico. If it does, BP will stop cleanup operations for up to two weeks. They will also have to remove the cap. Since he has been blasting the Obama administration, here's a shot back at Bobby Jindal, Governor of Louisiana:

Hey Bobby, how about you shut-up long enough to call out your National Guard to assist. Again, I respect the work you are doing, but this should be a team effort and it appears you're not playing your full team.

As oil started to hit the shores of Alabama and Florida, the local coverage increased and is reflected in the links below. Also, all of the photos in the post are from local Gulf newspapers.

1. Tropical depression moves toward Gulf as oil spill continues landing on Alabama's shores (Text & Video). [Mobile Press Register]
2. Tropical storm may halt Gulf Oil Spill response. [The Huffington Post]
3. Storm could be latest problem in spill cleanup. [Associated Press]

4. Is Gulf safe for swimming? [Pensacola News Journal]
5. BP not using dispersants in shallow coastal waters, say officials. [Mobile Press Register]
6. Coast Guard's Allen offers good, bad news. [Pensacola News Journal]

7. As Jindal criticized federal bureaucracy, Louisiana Guard Troops sat idle. [ProPublica]
8. Biden to Gulf Coast next week. [The Hill]
9. BP Shares' Losses Top $100 Billion. [The Wall Street Journal]

10. BP relied on faulty U.S. data. [The Wall Street Journal]
11. Oil spill's despair a family's loss. [Pensacola News Journal]
12. WorldNetDaily: President Obama may have caused the BP oil spill by dissing Israel. [Mother Jones]

13. Will It Take a Submarine Ride to Show These BP Executives That These Plumes Exist?. [Mother Jones]
14. Oil rigs and the fishermen who love them. [Mother Jones]
15. New deep water wells: What the Gulf can’t afford until we know more. [The New York Times]

16. BP refits Gulf of Mexico oil cap after accident. [BBC News]
17. Scientists in Gulf of Mexico sampling how fish and wildlife handling BP oil spill. [The Times-Picayune]
18. Jimmy Buffett and friends present unique animal-rescue SWAT boat to USM. [Mobile Press Register]

19. Lifestyles of the Rich and Fossil Fueled (Mark Fiore cartoon). [Mother Jones]
20. Jimmy Buffett tickets vanished because of high demand, say organizers. [Mobile Press Register]
21. Beer raising money for oil spill relief is illegal in Alabama, Mississippi. [Mobile Press Register]

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