Monday, June 21, 2010


Day 63. The same ol' same ol'. Oil still leaking and everyone arguing about whether deep water drilling should resume. To Bobby Jindal, Governor of Louisiana, who today filed briefs to have the drilling moratorium lifted, I say the following:

Governor Jindal, I respect your work as governor of Louisiana. But, please keep in mind that the Gulf of Mexico belongs to everyone in the United States - not just your constituents. Since you are worried about the potential job loss a moratorium might cause, I would like to suggest a non-Republican resolution to the situation: Start investing in alternative energy technologies.

It's funny how your party always talks about litigation as a bad thing - yet you seem to resort to it whenever possible. From health care, to oil spills, to presidential elections - Republicans just love a good lawsuit. But, when someone gets injured in an accident, the GOP wants to limit liability. Stop the litigation and start being proactive.

For all of your talk about the private sector being the solution to all that ails America, it seems that even you know that big business will never come to the rescue. It's time for some REAL proactive governance from the leader of the state of Louisiana.

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