Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Day 58. President Obama is meeting with BP executives today. He is expected to ask for and secure an escrow account from which Gulf Coast claimants will be compensated. Still at issue is the volume of oil that is leaking into the Gulf - now estimated at 30,000-65,000 barrels per day.

1. Obama to meet Wednesday with BP oil executives. (Real Clear Politics from AP)
2. Gulf Representatives call for...more drilling?. (Mother Jones)

3. Michael Bromwich named to head Minerals Management Service. (The Huffington Post)
4. BP disaster: Wake up America and smell the crude oil. (The Huffington Post)

5. Louisiana Congressman takes BP bashing a bit too far. (New York Magazine)
6. Axelrod: BP cannot 'slow-walk' damage payments. (The Birmingham News from AP)

7. Oil executives break ranks in testimony. (The New York Times)
8. Oil spill could be up to 60,000 barrels a day. (Los Angeles Times)

9. BP shares fluctuate ahead of White House meeting. (Associated Press)
10. Mix of fear, hope for Gulf Coast business owners. (Washington Times)

11. More fun than a barrel of oil: Meet @BPGlobalPR. (Mother Jones)
12. Should you boycott BP? (Mother Jones)

13. Rachel Maddow blasts BP COO Doug Suttles: 'Not even remotely believable' answers in interview (Text & Video) . (The Huffington Post)
14. Bank of America to limit duration of trades with BP. (Reuters)

15. Ocean of dreams? Kevin Costner helps out with oil cleanup. (MSNBC)
16. Mike Bloomberg backs BP: New York Mayor defends Tony Hayward? (The Village Voice)

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