Wednesday, June 23, 2010


President Barack Obama has summoned General Stanley McChrystal from Afghanistan to meet with him in the White House to discuss the General's comments in a just released article in Rolling Stone magazine. McChrystal's comments were disparaging toward the President and others. Without question, I believe the President should fire McChrystal. I know protocol dictates that the President ask for the Generals resignation, but in this case I think the President should clearly assert his power and fire McChrystal outright.

Here is the article, along with some background information and opinions on what to do with the General.

1. The runaway General. [Rolling Stone]
2. Rolling Stone author Michael Hastings: McChrystal knew comments were on the record. [CBS News]
3. Even magazine editor says McChrystal used poor judgment. [CBS News]
4. McCain, Lieberman, Graham on Rolling Stone article. [Salon]

5. The four reasons why Obama HAS to fire Stan McChrystal. [Democracy Arsenal]
6. Fire McChrystal. [The Nation]
7. A couple reasons why McChrystal should stay, sort of. [Democracy Arsenal]
8. There's only one reason to Keep McChrystal. [Democracy Arsenal]

9. White House summons US general to explain himself. [Associated Press]
10. White House questions McChrystal's judgment, maturity. [ABC News]
11. The McChrystal fallout. [CBS News]
12. A hard-driving, unyielding commander. [Los Angeles Times]

i. McChrystal. [Time]
ii. McChrystal's Rolling Stone comments: Really, that bad?. [Salon]

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