Thursday, June 24, 2010


The General Stanley McChrystal era ended yesterday afternoon. In relieving him of his command, President Barack Obama upheld one of the core principles of the military. The chain of command must be followed and respected. The following stories close out the saga and provide analysis of the situation. They also examine McChrystal's replacement, General David Petraeus.

1. General McChrystal relieved of command: Obama takes general off top Afghan post. [The Huffington Post]
2. He was undisciplined. Period. [The Atlantic]
3. Obama: Change in Afghan command isn't change in policy. [McClatchy]
4. Obama shows McChrystal who's in command. [The Washington Post]

5. Was Petraeus the right choice? [The Atlantic]
6. A Sad Day. [Real Clear Politics]
7. McChrystal ouster restarts war debate. [Politico]
8. McCain, Graham, Lieberman call for changes to civilian Afghanistan team. [The Hill]

9. Afghanistan policy, goals reexamined upon McChrystal departure. [PBS NewsHour]
10. The wound that Stanley McChrystal opened. [The Washington Post]
11. Political fallout of McChrystal ouster examined. [PBS NewsHour]
12. Petraeus and the myth of the surge. [Mother Jones]

Gone, general, gone: McChrystal's military career in Afghanistan (Slide Show). [Talking Points Memo]

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